“If you are always trying to be normal,
you’ll never know how amazing you can be.”
–Maya Angelou

Adolescent & Teen Therapy

Helping Parents and Teens!

Adolescence is a period of rapid growth and change. This transitional period can bring up issues of independence and self-identity. Many teens face difficult choices on how to prioritize school, their social life and their family responsibilities. Friends, romantic interests and focus on their appearance tend to naturally become more important.

Adolescence is a time when teens prefer the company of their friends more than ever before and parents can feel their child separating and holding onto them in confusing ways often changing from moment to moment. One moment they are saying, “Mom, why are you not helping me more?” and then next moment they are saying, “Leave me alone! I do not need you.”

Parenting teens, can be the most trying and challenging of times, with parents often finding themselves walking the fine line between helping and frustrating their teen. Maintaining a healthy connection with your teen can be difficult in our busy world where there are many other pressures to cope with. If things are not going well and you are having problems you might want to consider seeking outside help.

Typical parent/teens concerns that Amanda can help with include:

  • Parent/Teen conflict
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Cutting/Self-harm
  • Anger Management
  • School Performance
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexuality
  • Career direction
  • Body Image

Whatever your situation, I can help both parents and teens understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of adolescence.

“Being the “best you can be” is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another.
Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.”
~ Sue Johnson