“Love that leads to marriage is a gift from God”
-St. John Paul II

Pre-Marital Counselling

Are you dating and considering marriage?

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of work. A wedding only lasts a day and your relationship will last a lifetime! Have you put just as much work into your relationship as you have into planning your special day?

Pre-marital counselling can help you and your partner improve your relationship by helping both of you

  • develop better communication skills,
  • learn conflict management,
  • uncover your shared core values
  • identify differences that could create future conflict

Working with a registered psychologist, you can discuss expectations with your partner that will help better prepare both of you for marriage. I am trained in Prepare and Enrich Curriculum and have helped many couples prepare for their marriage.

This is an excellent time for us to find unexpected areas where you disagree, and give you the tools to handle possible future conflict. For guidance and support to strengthen your future marriage, please contact Amanda today to schedule an appointment.

Did you know you can use your benefits to cover the cost of Marriage Prep?

Psychologists’ fees are not covered by Alberta Health Care, but they are covered by many employee benefit plans.  This goes for Marriage Prep as well, just check how much coverage you and your partner have for a Psychologist.